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#htmlcaption1 URBAN STYLE ....... CAPITAL OF HIP HOP IN MOROCCO ♥ INFLU STORY Stay Connected
mardi 26 novembre 2013

I'm Hamza A.K.A Henzo, I am a native of Meknes, Morocco and I began dancing as an amateur at home. I was influenced by some world renowned dancers in their music videos such as Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown. I was also influenced by various movies about dance such as, You've Got Served, Step up and Stomp the Yard. However; due to my shyness, in the beginning, I was hesitant to publicly showcase my dancing ability; it was even difficult for me to dance amongst my closest friends. However; day after day, despite my negative feelings, I became more confident about possibly revealing my talent for Hip Hop and Street dancing. One day, I met a guy who was Krumping (a style of dance) in the streets without any hesitations; it was obvious he had a lot of confidence. I could not believe my eyes , I thought I was dreaming. I soon found out that the dancer was, Salah, A.K.A ( ) a fellow student at my University. I soon decided to introduce myself and let him know about my desire to learn more about Hip Hop dance. Luckily, he was very welcoming and days after we started to practice dancing together. After four months of learning about the art of Hip Hop and practicing the basic dance steps we formed a “dance crew” (dance group) called " Niggaz" in order to participate in the International Hip Hop Dance Competition: "Maroc Freestyle ,Maroc Urban Dance " and we advanced all the way to the to the quarter finals, which I viewed as a great start to my dancing career. It was a moment of true inspiration for me. As a result of non-stop dancing, I began to meet more Hip Hop and “B-boy” (break dancing boy) dancers. In the year of 2012, a group of us formed a new Crew called the “Advice Crew .” This crew consists of members who know not just one style of dance, but many. We practice almost every day of the week and all year round for upcoming competitions and as a result, I can proudly say, we have become a family of dancers. Peace and Hip hop, Henzo

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dimanche 24 novembre 2013
Urban Style ....... capital of hip hop in morocco ♥

Présentation du Festival International des Cultures Urbaines  2013 de Meknès Feestyle Maroc Urban Dance 2013 :
L'Association Espoir Jeunesse Maroc Freestyle Urbain Dance (EJMFUD) organise
la dixième édition du Festival International des Cultures Urbaines  "Feestyle Maroc Urban Dance" à Meknès du 02 au 15 Semptembre 2013.

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american culture and some influences from it

would like to explain how influences dance from other countries important in our society and how its work 
- firstly i give you a example from american culture and some influences from it : 
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement, dancing plays an important role in our culture?

Each type of entertainment has dramatically significant influence on our culture. Basically, it has positive effect and usually improves and broadens the cultural level of people. Depending on nationality and traditional specification types of entertainment, so does dancing may have essential and basic, or be less important. Nevertheless, as I suppose, especially dancing has got artificially meaningful and influential role in our culture. Traditional dancing provides one nation to introduce and become familiar toward other nation. Dancing entertains people, and inspires them with positive energy.
First and foremost, during dancing people get satisfaction and relax. Depending on traditional specifications, people all over the world, dance differently. For example, in Armenia the traditional dance is Qochari. Qochari is ancient dance of Armenians. Because of this famous dance, Armenia became known worldwide. Besides, Armenians are very emotional people, so they dance Qochari with great pleasure and positive attitude. Especially during the summer period, when we have huge number of foreigners from abroad, Armenian best dancers implement their professionalism, performing a perfect dance and thus, increasing the level of interest of foreigners. Because of traditional dance, people all over the world are given a great opportunity to perform their traditional and cultural nuances and increase the level of familiarity.

Secondly, dancing entertain people and provides them with positive energy. Especially, when one has appropriate partner, they both are able to perform excellent dance, and what's more provide each other with positive energy. For instance, even those who are busy in workplace and those who are old, like to spend time in numerous dancing schools and accumulate good emotions. Dancing is the best type of entertainment, which provides both perfect emotions, positive inspiration and satisfaction.

To sum up, In my opinion, especially dancing has got an dramatically important and influential role in very nation, depending on traditional nuances. It gives each nation a unique chance to perform history of nation in dance and increase the level of popularity all over the world.
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